Services and Specialties


  • Knife Sharpening
  • Knife Polishing
  • Knife Buffing
  • Minor Knife Repair
  • Blade Repair
  • Scissor Sharpening
  • Straight Razor Sharpening
  • Gardening Tools Sharpening
  • Sword Sharpening
  • Serrations Sharpening
  • Any Edged Tool Sharpened


  • Sharpening all kinds of knives.
  • Restoring beauty to a trusted tool.
  • Hair popping edge.
  • Buffing out scratches.
  • Reshaping blades.
  • Residential Sharpening Services
  • Commercial Sharpening Services
  • Restaurant Kitchen Knives Sharpened
  • Butcher Shop Knives Sharpened
  • Salon Scissors Sharpened
  • Barber Shop Scissors and Razors Sharpened

3 thoughts on “Services and Specialties

  1. I have a dull blunt top dagger. I cleaned all of the rust off of the dagger, but want to get it polished and sharpened. Is that a service you offer?

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